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The Lotus Charlotte staff, excited to join the Charlotte area, are eager to share their knowledge, expertise, and love for the Lotus brand. With over 60 years of combined experience in exotics, you can safely rest assure that we have a solid foundation of knowledge when it comes to Lotus, super cars, and luxury vehicles. The sales staff at Lotus Charlotte is full of fun, personable, easy-going men and women, here to make every visit enjoyable and hassle-free.

Why is Lotus Charlotte better than the competition? We can all agree experience is something to be desired and has significant purpose, but you also need to have passion and Lotus Charlotte has a lot of PASSION. The team at Lotus Charlotte is made up of Lotus enthusiasts from all walks of life.

We believe that Lotus Charlotte offers our customers a journey, and this is a journey that cannot be traveled alone. This is the very reason why we brought Lotus to Charlotte. We want to continue this journey and adventure with enthusiasts just like you! We want to offer exclusively, luxury, exotics, super cars and "one of a kind" sport cars to Charlotte and the surrounding area. Learn more about purchasing if you are outside of Charlotte.  

So, if you share an appetite for excellence, unparalleled customer service, experienced Lotus certified and factory-trained technicians, exciting events, unique conversation, and super-fast cars. Join the Lotus Charlotte family today! We welcome you with open arms and open doors.

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6500 E Independence Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28212

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Monday - Friday9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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